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About Bill Shoemaker
1945 - 2020

Bill Shoemaker had a passion for drawing since childhood. After studying commercial art he did freelance work while also entering fine art shows. He broadened his artistic horizons to include pastel. Soon thereafter Bill added several awards including that of first place for pastel at the New Jersey State Fair. Bill started working in the color pencil medium in 1993 and received over 80 awards for his work. The body of his work consists mostly of wildlife.  He was an active member of several arts organizations and taught workshops and held private lessons at his studio.  Bill's work was published numerous times in various books and magazines.


Bill was humble but proud of his work. He was an amazing husband, father, grandfather, brother, artist, mentor, and friend.  He is very loved and will be dearly missed.


The natural beauty of wildlife has always held a fascination for me. This beauty, with its graceful and often gentle aspect, features prominently in the creation of my artwork; as in the grace of a heron hidden among the reeds stalking his next meal, unaware that he is being photographed. I know that capturing such perfection can be daunting, but as an artist this is my objective.

Moving Ahead

Bill's final piece, titled Moving Ahead, was completed in early November 2020. 

13.5 x 9.5 
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